Course Syllabus : Page 5
Classroom Etiquette
Please be in class on time and remain for the entire period. Please turn off your pagers and cellular phones, unless you are an on-call professional.
Students are advised to review the IUPUI Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and the Student Disruptive Conduct policy regarding appropriate personal and academic conduct expected of students. The Disruptive Student Conduct policy can be viewed here. The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct states, in part:
IUPUI strives to maintain a spirit of civility in a community in which diversity is welcomed. Every student, staff, and faculty member plays a significant role in promoting an environment that is conducive to academic excellence by fostering a climate of civility and mutual respect. In all circumstances it is expected that everyone will act with respect for one another. Difference of opinion and dissent are ordinarily thought of as disagreement or debate. They are not “disruptive conduct” as long as they do not impinge upon the rights of others or interfere with the teaching/learning process in an academic setting... When students are admitted to IUPUI, they accept the responsibility to conform to all IUPUI rules and regulations. Students are expected to comply by conducting themselves in an orderly and cooperative manner.
Disruptive Conduct is Defined as:
a. posing a significant threat of danger and/or harm to oneself or to other members of the University community.
b. unreasonably interfering with the rights of other students, staff, and/or faculty of the University, or with the exercise of any activity or function of the University.
Copying what somebody else has written or taking somebody’s idea and trying to pass it off as original; something copied from somebody else’s work; somebody else’s idea that one presents as his/her own. If student is found to be plagiarizing work, student will receive a grade of "F" for the project and student's name will be submitted to Dean for investigation.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Students needing special assistance or accommodation should contact the IUPUI Adaptive Educational Services Office at 274-3241.
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