Projects : Overview
Project 1 : Kerning & Letterspacing Project
Well-crafted and controlled letterspacing is an essential component to excellent typography. In our digital age, the time and effort devoted to quality setting of interletter spacing can set apart a given text from the rest of the run-of-the-mill mass-produced (and often poorly spaced) printed texts. While most typography produced today is created digitally, there is no guarantee that the computer can appropriately space the letters with a given body of copy. Although computers do try to accurately space type, many times they fail. In fact, only a trained human eye can perceive all the details necessary to completely control letterspacing. For most text setting the computer can do an adequate job, and little effort is needed on the part of the designer/typographer to control the spacing. However. it is important for every designer to know when and how to step in and fix the letterspacing problems that the computer cannot see.
Project 2 : Typographic Hierarchy
Typographic Hierarchy distinguishes different levels of importance or prominence to different individual messages within a group of typographic messages. In essence, students will be using the principles of visual communication to organize elements into groups and the contrasting typographic forms to emphasize certain words or groups of words as more important or less important than others on a given panel.
Project 3 : Specifying & Controlling Text Type
When sentences are assembled together to form paragraphs, new problems arise for the designer/typographer. To better understand these issues, students will create a series of exercise sheets that explore important factors and control subtle variables in the setting of type in a sequence of paragraphs of text.
Project 4 : Brochure Redesign
Your objective in this project is to find what you consider to be a poorly designed brochure, research and identify the client, the product, service, or event being promoted, and the context in which this brochure is presented to its audience. Once you have completed your research and definition phase you must apply the design process to re-develop and redesign your selected brochure.