Course Syllabus : Page 3
Students are required to attend class. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class period and again at the end of the class period. Plan on being on-time to every class. All students are allowed up to 3 absences (either excused or unexcused) without significantly effecting their final grade. Any absence beyond the third will drop your final grade in this class one full letter (Final Grade of A will become B, B will become C, etc.) A sign-in sheet will be provided during each class period. Students are responsible for making sure that they sign in in order to receive credit for attending that class period.
Three “Late” marks count as one unexcused absence. Leaving class early counts as one “Late” mark
Attendance is mandatory on critique days. Students will be excused for absences on critique days if there is a death in the immediate family, or an illness in the immediate family (students must provide a doctor's note to receive an excused absence on a critique day). Unfinished work must be displayed during critique in order to receive grade.
Late Work
Late work will be docked one full letter grade for every class period that the work is not turned in. If a project is not submitted at all, the student will receive a failing grade for that project.
Snow Days
Please do not use the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) closings to determine if your Typography 2 is cancelled. If the IUPUI main campus is closed due to the weather than this course will not be in session. Otherwise, plan on this course being in session even during snowy or icy conditions. You can find current information regarding IUPUI closings on the IUPUI Adverse Weather page.
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